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Best in the East: A Southeast Asia Travel Guide

Southeast Asia is one of the best places in the world to travel for a holiday. For many people, the exotic food, warm weather and fantastic shopping are the main attractions. Other tourists visit for the exciting nightlife, to play jackpot slots at one of the glittering casinos, or just relax on a beautiful beach and do absolutely nothing! Many slots reviews list slots.com as being the best choice for online gamers, with the free slots games and online jackpots attracting thousands of players every day. Imagine winning a jackpot and then spending some of the winnings on an exotic Southeast Asia getaway!

This article will share some of the highlights and destinations in Southeast Asia that you should check out when travelling to this region.

 Best Beaches

Ask anyone about their impression of Thailand, and more often than not they will mention the amazing white sand and crystal blue waters of the beaches. There is a huge tourism industry based around these picturesque beaches in South Thailand, and you can visit and stay in a 5 star luxury resort, or get back to basics with a stay in one of the many backpacker resorts dotted around the region.

Railay Beach is a postcard-perfect beach located between the city of Krabi and nearby Ao Nang. Both sides of the beach are protected by huge limestone cliffs, and the water is warm all year round. Take a ferry from Phuket and spend a day or two in this tropical paradise.

From central Phuket, you can visit a number of beautiful beaches, and most hotels will be able to help you book a chartered boat tour, hire a private guide or join a tour group.

There are many similarities between the beaches in Thailand and the Philippines, but the cost, variety of fresh food and unique scenery in Thailand make this destination a better choice if you are limited by time restraints. Be enchanted by the Thai smiles, amazing food and breathtaking scenery of this region. The only downside is having to leave once your holiday is finished! Many of Thai beaches made it to my 24 favorite beaches in 2011. Most Exotic and Delectable Food

For many visitors to Southeast Asia, the food experience that is most memorable is eating at a roadside food stall. These tiny mobile restaurants are common on many Asian city streets, and are a perfect way to experience unique food and mingle with locals.

For the cost of a chocolate bar at home, you can sit down to a steaming bowl of fresh noodles, spicy fried rice or fresh seafood. There are many great reasons to visit Singapore, but if you are a food lover and want to eat your fill of delicious Asian food, Singapore should be top of your list. Apart from the street food mentioned above, Singapore is famous for its hawker centers, where you can find creative food at a budget price.

 Friendliest People

The Philippines may sometimes be overlooked as a tourist destination, but many travelers fall in love with this tropical archipelago. The Philippines has steadily become one of the most visited destinations in Asia because of its fantastic beaches, breathtaking scenery and hospitality.

You will find that Filipinos are some of the friendliest you will meet during your travels. With English being the country’s second language, it’s a lot easier for tourists to communicate with locals. You will find the local Filipino residents to be very helpful and welcoming.

 Best Nightlife

This is a tough category to judge, because Southeast Asia has so many nightlife hot spots. It really comes down to your personal preference. Most of the capital cities in the region will have an active nightlife scene, with super clubs, bars, restaurant districts and a thriving arts scene. Many people consider Boracay a party place.

For online free slots or casino fans though, there are also plenty of places in the Southeast region that you can visit. The Philippines for example, has hotels and casinos located in some of the cities. Although there are many online casino options for people to play 3D slots from the comfort of home in these places, there’s nothing like the excitement of being in a 5 star casino, surrounded by thrill-seekers from all over the world.

 There’s definitely something for everyone in Southeast Asia. The only thing left to do, is packing your suitcase and deciding where to go first! You can be sure to have a relaxing and exciting vacation in any of the places in Southeast Asia mentioned above.

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